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set of ddNTPs – Dideoxynucleotide triphosphates

Used in single nucleotide polymorphisms and as 3´-end chain terminators in Sanger sequencing.Stringent QC at ISO-certificated BULK-Production.


ddNTPs  in combination with modified Taq DNA Polymerase are used as 3′-end chain terminators in Sanger sequencing. @ pH 8,0 in water the high purity between 98 – 99 % (HPLC) offers a great performance in chain termination sequencing.

The nucleotides are especially manufactured and tested for application in sequencing reactions.

2‘,3‘-Dideoxynucleoside triphosphates inhibit the chain elongation of a given primer catalyzed by the DNA polymerase (e.g. Klenow enzyme) and are therefore used for DNA sequencing according to Sange. Sequencing is achieved by including in each reaction a dideoxynucleotide that acts as a chain terminator. Four reactions are set up, each containing the same template and primer but a chain terminator specific for A, C, G or T. Because only a small amount of the chain terminator is included, incorporation into the new DNA strand is a random event. Each reaction therefore generates a collection of fragments, but every DNA strand will end at the same type of base (A, C, G or T).

Note: spin all reagents in the vial before opening and after setting up the Termination Mix

Transport: on blue ice or ambient temperature

Storage: few day at room temperature; for long term storage @ -20 °C

Quality tests:

The ddNTPs are tested:
– for the absence the absence of DNases and RNases
– for succesfully sequencing reaction
– produced in German factory (ISO: 9001/2001)

Standard protocol for 50 µl “Termination” Mix:

 Component  Volume final concentration
 dNTP’s (1 mM each) 5 µl of each dNTP  400 µM
 ddNTP’s (10 µM) 2 µl   0,4 mM
 Water 25 µl
 Total volume 50 µl


1910-020Set of ddNTP 4×10 mM

4 x 200 μl (4 x 2 μmol)

1910-025Set of ddNTP 4×10 mM

4 x 1000 μl (4 x 10 μmol)

1910-020AddATP 10 mM

200μl (2 μmol)

1910-025AddATP 10 mM

1000μl (10 μmol)

1910-020CddCTP 10 mM

200μl (2 μmol)

1910-025CddCTP 10 mM

1000μl (10 μmol)

1910-020GddGTP 10 mM

200μl (2 μmol)

1910-025GddGTP 10 mM

1000μl (10 μmol)

1910-020TddTTP 10 mM

200μl (2 μmol)

1910-025TddTTP 10 mM

1000μl (10 μmol)




Stability Test Report

Material Safety Datasheet