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DMEM Medium (Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium)

Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium DMEM is the most frequently used modified culture media from the group of modified BME and MEM. It was developed in the late 1950s for the production of polyoma viruses in primary and secondary mouse cells, with
serum addition and in a 10% CO2 atmosphere to theZellkulturmedien von Seraglob M 1427 DULBECCO’S MODIFIED EAGLE’S MEDIUM (DMEM)
Cultivation of non-transformed mouse and chicken cells.
The concentration of vitamins and amino acids in the medium is 4 times higher than in MEM and supplemented by non-essential amino acids (NEA), trace elements and bicarbonate. 

DMEM is ideally suited for the cultivation of a wide range of cells, especially if the medium is supplemented with calf serum. The DMEM 1.0 g/l is the standard formulation, while the one with 4.5 g/l glucose was developed for cells with high energy requirements.

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Possible indicators for your product:

-Glutamine / GlutaMAX-I supplement
-phenol red indicator
-liquid against powder formats
-Serum Supplement
-sodium pyruvate addition

M 1449, DMEM W: 4,5 G/L GLUCOSE

w: 4,5 g/l Glucose, w: stab. Glutamine, w/o: Sodium pyruvate,w: 3,7 g/l NaHCO3, 500 ml 

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Popular replacement products from Seraglob for Biochrom DMEM Medium

Biochrom Cat. No.Seraglob Cat. No.ProductUnit
FG 0435M 1449DMEM with 3.7 g/l NaHCO3, with 4.5 g/l Glucose, with stable glutamine500 ml
FG 0445M 1452DMEM with 4.5 g/l Glucose, with sodium pyruvate, with stable glutamine500 ml
F 0435M 1427DMEM with 3.7 g/l NaHCO3, with 4.5 g/l Glucose500 ml

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