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Oligo (dT)-15

Oligo (dT)-15 is a standard primer for RT-PCR

– The primer is designed to initiate synthesis of a cDNA from total RNA in a reverse transcription reaction.
– For use in generating labeled cDNA for screening microarrays.
– The primer hybridizes to the poly(A) tail of mRN

Amount supplied: 30 µg (MW: 4501 mol/l; Tm: 26°C ) = 1 OD unit (A260)

Storage: store at – 20°C

Transport: with “blue ice”


S9140Oligo dt15 – 30µg

Oligo (dT)-15 is a standard primer for RT-PCR

30 µg




Datasheet Oligo-15-dT

Stability Test Report

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