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Monoclonal Antibody to Taq DNA Polymerase: m-Anti-Taq

Enhancer for Polymerase reactions at roomtemperature / monoclonal antibody to Taq DNA Polymerase

AntiTaq (monoclonal antibody to Taq DNA polymerase) inhibits the
reaction of Taq DNA Polymerases at room temperature
– Ideal as enhancer for PCR reactions or for “homemade” Hot-Start

Polymerase detergent/enhancer for:
– High specific amplification
– Multiplex amplification
– High sensitivity applications
– Low-copy number PCR

Unit definition:
One unit is defined as the amount required to blocks 50% activity of 1 µg of  Polymerase

Note: The ratio units/mg of polymerase varies (up  to factor of 10). The binding rate AntiTaq depends strongly of the polymerization region (active epitopes) of the polymerase.  The optimized mixture has to be found in empiric test and for every new lot of polymerase, again.

Storage Buffer for S131/S132
20mM Tris-HCl (pH 7.0, at 22oC);50 mM KCl;0.1mM EDTA; 50% glycerol

Storage Buffer for S131/S132-8C1
3mM Tris-HCl (pH 8,0, @ 22oC); 15 mM KCl; 0.1mM EDTA; 20 % Trehalose (pH 8,0, @ 22oC);

Concentration: 2-10 mg/ml

2300 units of the specific polymerase activity are equal to 1 mg of antibodies

Storage: at – 20°C

Transportation: at room temperature or with blue ice

Stability tests / Quality control / Comparison

QC-Test: > 95% of protein in SDS electrophoresis in 15% PAAG


S9131m-Anti Taq – monoclonal antibody to Taq DNA Polymerase

100 µg

S9132m-Anti Taq – monoclonal antibody to Taq DNA Polymerase

500 µg

 S9131-8C1m-Anti Taq – monoclonal antibody to Taq DNA Polymerase buffered in Trehalose
100 µg
 S9132-8C1m-Anti Taq – monoclonal antibody to Taq DNA Polymerase buffered in Trehalose
100 µg



How to mix m-Antitaq with Taq DNA Polymerase?

NameFinal conc., M
Tris-HCl, pH 8,50,05-0,1
Glycerol, %from 3 to 6
BSA, mg/ml0,1-0,2
Tween 20, %0,15-0,2
Taq polymerase, U/microliter0,05-0,1
Trehalose MABs, mg/ml0,0036-0,0072

*TMAC – Tetramethylammonium chloride

IMPORTANT: The proportion DFS PLUS Taq / m-AntiTaq should be 1 Unit to 0,06-0,072 µg MAB


Stability Test Report

Material Safety Datasheet


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