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Maximo m-Superhot Taq DNA Polymerase

Superior Taq Polymerase for Real Time PCR and Hot-Start PCR, low-copy number PCR, PCR of difficult templates, Hot-Start activity (only 5 min initial denaturation). The enzyme is developed to enhance the specificity, sensitivity and yield of DNA amplification. The enzyme provides a convenient setting up at room temperature


Maximo M-Superhot Taq DNA for qPCR and Hot-Start-PCR is an optimized mixture of a high processive Taq DNA Polymerase and special inhibitors to Taq DNA for real time PCR. The enzyme is a thermostable DNA polymerase that possesses a 5´→3´ polymerase activity and a double-stranded specific 5´→3´ exonuclease activity. The enzyme consists of a single polypeptide with a molecular weight of 94kDa. It is developed for real time PCR or as basis enzyme for  real time PCR diagnostics systems.

Maximo M-Superhot Taq DNA Polymerase for qPCR is designed for Real-Time PCR and Hot-start PCR. A special inhibitor suppresses the reaction at room temperature until after the first denaturation step. This prevents primer-dimers and other artefacts. Using the enzyme there is no need to adjust the existing standard PCR protocol.

– Hot Start and real time PCR
– Multiplex PCR
– Amplification of complex genomic and cDNA templates
– no primer-dimers and other artêfacts; inactive at room temperature
– short activation time for real time PCR
– enhanced PCR sensitivity

Concentration: 5 u/µl

Unit definition:
One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that incorporates 10 nmoles of dNTP’s into acid-insoluble form in 30 minutes at 74oC under assay conditions:
25mM TAPS pH 9.3 at 25oC, 50mM KCl, 2mM MgCl2; 1mM beta-mercaptoethanol; 200µM each dATP, dGTP, dTTP and 100 µM dCTP (a mix of unlabled and µ-[32P]-labled); 12.5 µg activated salmon sperm DNA in the final volume of 50 µl

Storage Buffer:
20 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0), 100 mM KCl, 0.1 mM EDTA; 1 mM DTT, 50 % Glycerol, 0.5 % Nonident P-40, 0.5 % Tween-20

Reaction Buffer:
Reaction buffer (10X)” incomplete” (red cap):160 mM (NH4)2SO4, 670mM TrisHCl pH8,8, 0,1% Tween-20
Reaction buffer (10X) “complete” (yellow cap):160 mM (NH4)2SO4, 670mM TrisHCl pH8,8, 0,1% Tween-20, 25mM MgCl2
separate Tube: MgCl2 (100 mM, green cap)

Transportation: on blue ice

Storage: at -20°C for 24 months or  for more than 3 months at +4°C

Stability tests / Quality control / Comparison

Activity and performance test in real time PCR, SDS-PAGE purity, absence of endonucleases/nickases and exonucleases test


S9105Maximo m-SuperHot Taq DNA Polymerase

200 Units

S9106Maximo m-SuperHot Taq DNA Polymerase

1000 Units

 S9107Maximo m-SuperHot Taq DNA Polymerase

5000 Units





Stability Test Report

Material Safety Datasheet