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Cell Culture Media

Seraglob Medien, Dulbecco's MEM SEcoll Human, RPMI 1640

Seraglob-M3413-RPMI1640-profileThe powdered cell culture media are standardized according to the original formulation as recommended by the “Tissue Culture Association”.

Quality of chemicals used meet in general the standards “pro analysi”, and “Ph.Eur.”, resp. Any modifications from the original formulation are indicated on the label (e.g. w/o NaHCO3).Defined cell culture media generally consist of four basic chemical groups: amino acids, carbohydrates, anorganic salts, and vitamins.

Flavin in cell culture media

Seraglob-M1427-DMEM-profileAll commercially available cell culture media do contain 0.01 to 0.4 mg/l riboflavine (except for Leibovitz L-15). However, flavines serve as potent photo sensibilisators, even if exposed to visible light. Absorbed light energy will be transferred by this sensibilisator to oxygen molecules. Unsaturated organic substrates may react with formation of toxic hyper- and peroxides, if exposed to this aggressive form of oxygen.To avoid this harmful effect on the media quality, media may be packed either in PETG bottles Nalgene / Bioswisstec featuring a UV barrier. Hence the riboflavin content is limited to 0.045 mg/l as a preventive measure.

Our Product Range

  • Alpha MEM
  • BME with EBSS
  • BME with HBSS
  • BSK-H Medium
  • Click’s Medium
  • CMRL-1066
  • DMEM
  • DMEM / F12
  • Glasgow MEM (BHK 21)
  • Grace’s Insect-Cell-Medium
  • Ham’s F10
  • Ham’s F12
  • IMDM
  • IPL-41 Insect-Cell-Medium
  • Joklik-MEM
  • Leibovitz’s L-15 Medium
  • McCoy’s 5A Medium
  • MCDB Medium
  • Medium 199 with EBSS
  • Medium 199 with HBSS
  • MEM with EBSS
  • MEM with HBSS
  • RPMI 1640
  • Schneiders‘ Drosophila Medium
  • TC100 Insect-Cell-Medium
  • TNM-FH Medium
  • Waymouth‘ MB 752/1 Medium
  • Williams Medium E

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Standard meda: Usually within 6 work days to countries of the EU and Switzerland or as agreed upon with the customer.

Special production or custom formula: 6-8 weeks after reception of order within the EU and Switzerland.

Shelf Life

Powdered media: 2 years
Liquid media without glutamine: 2 years
Liquid media with stable glutamine: 2 years
Liquid media with L-glutamine: 1 year

Liquid media with L-glutamine can be used even after reaching their expiry date but need to be supplemented with new L-glutamine. Shelf life starts at production date!


Powdered media: + 2 °C to + 8 °C  / PBS room temperature
Liquid media: + 2 °C to + 8 °C, protect from light

Enjoy Seraglob’s experience and know-how. State-of-the-art production facilities allow us to fulfill all needs and highly developed formulas can be produced in stable quality, tailored to your application.
Our scientific service team is happy to assist you with custom formulas.