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Separating Solutions

Seraglob-L1412-SEcollHuman-profileSeparating solutions are used for isolation of cells or cellular particles during density gradient centrifugation.

Seraglob offers two different separating solutions: SEcoll and Powercoll. These two solutions differ in the respectively contained polymer. SEcoll separating solution does contain a polymer with a molecular weight of approx. 400000 Dalton. The basis of Powercoll is silica gel particles, coated with PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone).

The ready-made solutions are already preset on physiological values of osmolality and ph-value.

L 1411SEcoll human, density 1.077 g/ml, isotonic,
Storage: 24 months at room temperature
L 1412SEcoll human with 10 mM HEPES, density 1.077 g/l, isotonic,
Storage: 24 months at room temperature
L 1461SEcoll Pro, density 1.077 g/ml, isotonic
Storage: 24 months at +2 – +8 °C

*See price list for details, more separating solutions are available

These products work well with the following product:

Blood separation tubes 50ml with porous separation disk