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Bioswisstec Cell Chip 505050

Discover our new Bioswisstec Cell chips

The disposable plastic counting chamber Cell-Chip looks like the established Neubauer “improved” counting chamber. It allows for a counting of cells of a wide range of different sizes: leukocytes, thrombocytes and erythrocytes, yet also bacteria, fungal spores and pollen. What makes the Cell-Chip more favourable than the traditional glass counting chamber is the fact that the user no longer needs to use cover slips or clean the chip. At the same time, a safer handling can be ensured as contact with infectious material (for example HIV/AIDS, Ebola) is virtually impossible.

The Cell-Chip represents a high-precision disposable counting chamber made of high quality plastics allowing a manual determination of the cell count. It includes two independent counting chambers with separate injection areas for one sample each. The depth of the chambers is strictly predetermined, which allows a reproduction of counting at any time. The counting chambers match the Neubauer “improved” counting chamber. The Cell-Chip has been designed for single use and should be used directly after opening the packing. Due to its single-use feature, there is no need to clean the chip or to interrupt the work flow. The Cell-Chip can be used for all established automatic counters.

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